Eco Friendly Catering Disposables & Food Packaging

Eco Friendly Catering Disposables & Food Packaging

Help us to help you to help the environment!

Our products are made from plants and are completely natural unlike plastic alternatives which are made from a mixture of oil and toxic chemicals.  All of our products are 100% compostable and will in ideal conditions turn into compost after only 12 weeks.

By using our bio-degradable products you will help the environment by reducing the level of oil  and toxic chemical based plastic packaging used in the UK  most of  which is not recycled. The UK uses tens of thousands of barrels of oil every day to make plastic. This is not sustainable

Benefits of using Green Earth Packaging

  • By using our biodegradable  packaging your business can substantially reduce it’s carbon footprint.
  • Lower waste disposal costs as our products can be disposed of after use with food waste, ready for composting .
  • Make your product stand out from your  competition by using environmentally friendly catering consumables & food packaging.
  • Potential to increase customer base through PR activity, highlighting the fact that you care about the environment.
  • Increase customer loyalty by promoting your green credentials.