Americans Recycling Strategy

Americans are very wasteful and lazy we have shrink wrapped sweet potatoes for god sake’s and we buy oranges that are already peeled our government doesn’t care about the environment or helping our fellow man.

I think it has less to do with what we want and more to do with all the different environmentalist laws that make it to expensive to even build and make approved for operation in America.

Compared to some of the achievements countries in the EU have done. I don’t know the specific details of their recycling program but nonetheless the results are unbelievable. We, the USA, should follow their lead. However our country is much bigger there for we produce more waste. And it isn’t easy to get everyone on the same page about recycling.

We should think about cleaning up trash floating in the ocean especially the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s about 250000 square miles about the size of Texas floating between the American mainland and Hawaii. I believe that if we could shrink that in size that perhaps the ocean water temperatures will go down being that most of the garbage there is plastic dating all the way back the pre 1980s

Recycling would be easy, smart & the right thing to do for the long term sustainability of the land & environment .