What if we gather all the waste from all over the world and launch it to the sun. Would it affect us in any way?

It would be very expensive. The Falcon Heavy has the ability to muscle 53,000 kg to low Earth orbit for about $90 Million, that’s roughly $1700 per kg. Multiply that by 14.8. billion and you’d get the daily cost just to send it to space in the first place.

Mankind is still not serious about the alarming proportion this problem has reached.we are at the brink of unsustainable of civilization .the only serious solution is population cut down . Instead of waiting for nature to do this our specie must take responsibility for sustainability or else will take its course painfully slowly but surely.

There are a lot of people here who still don’t know how to put only recyclable materials in the waste bin, resulting in the “one bad apple spoils the barrel” scenario. China stopped buying it due to the inconsistency of the material.