Ella Reid

Americans Recycling Strategy

  Americans are very wasteful and lazy we have shrink wrapped sweet potatoes for god sake’s and we buy oranges that are already peeled our government doesn’t care about the environment or helping our fellow man. I think it has less to do with what we want and more to do with all the different …

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Sweden’s Burning of Trash

Incorrectly managing toxic chemicals doesn’t have to do with choosing to deal with whether or not you deal with material pollutions through burning or through burying, that’s a problem based on lack of investment in waste removal infrastructure. In addition, before their creation such sites are meant to be chosen in locations that are remote …

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Recycling Shredded Paper

I don’t understand why shredded paper can’t be recycled. Paper is paper. It seems fairly arbitrary and counter to the intent of recycling if you can only recycle some paper but not others. If it’s a matter of materials needing to be a certain size, then the process needs to be refined. The material should …

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