Mice Injected With Human Brain Cells?

I really don’t know what to think of this,? When you start mixing brain cells of mice and human fetuses ? I don’t know where I stand on that? But I don’t think I like it very much? There’s something not right ? To many unanswered questions.

Although I’m personally against animal experimentation specially cutting animals in gruel inhumane ways, it’s still amazing what these researchers have found. I feel certain that at some point in the future scientists will be able to repair or rebuild damaged human brains.

So are brain defects/injuries/diseases that might be someday cured due to research such as this. Unclear when a fetus becomes a baby, but except for questionable theological/philosophical arguments I see no rational reason to simply assume it happens at conception – so for me early-term abortion is not murder. Late term obviously is, and is generally illegal. Tough call, which is why the Government should largely stay out of it.

I wish more people understood that if we elect representatives who are awash in respect, compassion, and kindness towards others, whatever kind of politics they like is really not that important….basically an all roads lead to Rome kind of thing. From what I’ve read, it’s my understanding that most, if not all, animal research could be replaced by computer modeling. Mice get better treatment in peoples homes than research facilities.



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Huntsman Spider Are More Good Then Bad

We’ve all experienced a huntsman creeping up on us here in Australia. I remember driving and one appearing on my windscreen ( on the inside ) …. All I know is that people in the other cars must of driven by and thought i was being possessed at the time the way i was thrashing about. Honestly i obviously had a higher chance of crashing my car than death by spider the way i was behaving, but i didn’t think that at the time.

Huntsman Spiders are not at all dangerous. Because of their massive and creepy appearance people get scared. Otherwise they help with the pest control by eating small worms and insects. In this video Momma Spider is guarding her babies

Huntsman spider are what you want in and around your house, as they live on killing and eating the spiders you don’t want in and around your house. The more the better.

Gotta love the Huntsman spiders. They hurt no one, and I usually have one (that I know of) living in the house. Redbacks are another matter entirely, but on the odd occasion when I accidentally find one, they always try to get away quickly, because none of those creatures are exactly hanging out to catch or kill a human. All of them have their place in the environment. We need to leave them alone. (well, maybe not the termites).

Huntsman spider are big, but harmless to ppl, i find them all the time in my backyard, and just let them be, because they eat all sorts of vermin including mice and other more dangerous spiders like widows and recluses, which Huntsman spiders are very territorial.

They cause more deaths through accidents than them actually biting people. They have a habit of lurking behind sun visors in cars and it’s when they drop out into drivers laps or scuttle across the screen they cause danger. Some people find ultrasonic pest repellents work.

They can also squeeze under doors. Depending on the door type of course. Don’t underestimate hunties. During the heat waves in February, I caught three of them. Not quite so big, but big enough. Sent them back into the shrubbery outside so they could find food



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Recycling Shredded Paper

I don’t understand why shredded paper can’t be recycled. Paper is paper. It seems fairly arbitrary and counter to the intent of recycling if you can only recycle some paper but not others.

If it’s a matter of materials needing to be a certain size, then the process needs to be refined. The material should be what matters, not the size or status.

It depends on how the recyclables will be sorted. It could end up just contaminating the rest of the load.

Again, that speaks to a poor refining process. What “size” is an acceptable size of paper? How small can a paper be and still be considered recyclable?

I get the reason why at the moment, but as I said, that reason speaks volumes to how inefficient the process is. And ultimately, it points out that recycling, for all we think it does, is really not that great of a process. If we can’t recycle based on materials rather than size or status of materials, then we’re not really achieving the goal of reusing said materials in a sustainable way. It makes it even more of a “feel good” step that doesn’t ACTUALLY help the environment.

he increase in efficiency at an automated Materials Recovery Facility is the reason you can no longer recycle shredded paper in a curbside single stream program. It ends up falling out of the system with the other fines. With system you have the capacity to sort more tons of material per hour over hand sorting but lose the quality of material coming out of the system. You must weigh the pros and cons of each sorting method and choose which is the best option for the size service area, quantity of material collected, and resources available to that particular area.

It has to do with the paper fiber length. In Seattle, you can recycle shredded paper only if it’s in strips, but not if it’s cross cut. They say the cross cut shreds the paper fibers too small to be reusable. Cross cut goes in the (city collected) compost here. Shredding boxes from things people buy like basal thermometer are also an option. We’ve even seen punching bag for kids recycled.


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Eco Friendly Catering Disposables & Food Packaging

Eco Friendly Catering Disposables &
Food Packaging

Help us to help you to help the environment!

Our products are made from plants and are completely natural unlike plastic alternatives which are made from a mixture of oil and toxic chemicals.  All of our products are 100% compostable and will in ideal conditions turn into compost after only 12 weeks.

By using our bio-degradable products you will help the environment by reducing the level of oil  and toxic chemical based plastic packaging used in the UK  most of  which is not recycled. The UK uses tens of thousands of barrels of oil every day to make plastic. This is not sustainable

Benefits of using Green Earth Packaging

  • By using our biodegradable  packaging your business can substantially reduce it’s carbon footprint.
  • Lower waste disposal costs as our products can be disposed of after use with food waste, ready for composting .
  • Make your product stand out from your  competition by using environmentally friendly catering consumables & food packaging.
  • Potential to increase customer base through PR activity, highlighting the fact that you care about the environment.
  • Increase customer loyalty by promoting your green credentials.

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